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Allen L. Tiffany



Youth In Asia: A Vietnam War Novel

Rated 4.6/5 based on 40 reviews

An emotional new Vietnam War novel of infantry combat, the soldiers who fought there and the battles that still rage inside them


Some men go to war scared of what they will find there. Some men go to war thinking they are ready for what they will witness. Some men think they will learn enduring lessons about the nature of man. But in the bloody slaughterhouse of combat, they will all learn that survival at any cost may be justifiable. At least until the survivors come face to face again years later. Youth In Asia relives the friendships, loyalties and betrayals of young men in combat…and for the rest of their lives.

The novel has been highly reviewed by Vietnam veterans, Amazon top reviewers, and other novelists. Youth in Asia has spent time in the top 10 of several of Amazon’s Bestseller lists.


Early praise for Youth In Asia:


“…this book [is] not just another Vietnam novel such as `The Things They Carried’, `If I Die in a Combat Zone’, and `Going After Cacciato‘ – brilliant as those are. Instead Allen addresses those issues of the Vietnam War we’d rather bury (having served in Vietnam during this time from of this book these memories remain very alive).  …Allen Tiffany is a bright new voice who has recreated a period of time and wartime dysfunction. His style is strong, gnawing close to the bone, and placing a period of our history squarely in front of our eyes for us to never forget.”

Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer and Vine Voice designee, on April 10, 2015


“… my unit, the 1/69th Armor, was ‘op-conned’ as the military lingo had it, to the 173rd Airborne, during the first four months I was there. …[a]s for Tiffany’s account of small infantry units in the ‘face of battle,’ 5-stars.” 

John P. Jones III, an Amazon Top 1000 reviewer and Vine Voice designee, April 3, 2015


“Short, engrossing, realistic. Consistent with, though different from, my small unit infantry combat experience in Vietnam. And the ending is particularly realistic. …a good story.”

A Sante, March 30, 2015


Allen Tiffany on Youth In Asia“I grew up in a small town in western Kansas – Hays, to be exact – where I spent many days reading about combat in Vietnam, and the lasting impact it had on the soldiers who were there. It seemed a million miles away from the wheat fields of Kansas, but every time I read one of those books, it dropped me into the jungles of the war. Later in life, I had a neighbor who was very traumatized by his time in Vietnam. Drafted, he wound up flying Cobra gunships by the time he was 19. Later he transferred to flying medevac choppers and was eventually shot down. Then, in a medvac that had come in to the hot LZ to pick him up, that aircraft was also shot down. He broke his back in the crash and lost consciousness. He did not wake up for a week, and he has remained deeply disturbed by his time in Vietnam. Though Youth In Asia is not about him, you will see elements of his story in my novel, both in one of the battle scenes, and then again decades later.”


Youth In Asia presents a realistic account of five men of the 173rd Airborne Brigade separated from their unit in the darkness of a jungle night. After the furious fight for Hill 875 and the battles around Dak To, this story is set near the border with Cambodia as North Vietnamese Army units and Viet Cong irregulars are massing for the brutal Tet Offensive of 1968 that broke the back of America’s commitment to fight the Vietnam War.


Allen Tiffany on donating half of his earnings to the Wounded Warrior Project“A few years ago I took my wife and children to get their military IDs. While we were there, a young soldier walked in with his three daughters. He had lost both arms in Afghanistan and was still learning to use his new prosthetics. While we watched, his children worked together to hold the various forms he had to sign. It was heart wrenching to watch, but it also made us very proud of him and his family. So it is easy to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project to help our soldiers who are still dealing with their injuries. In fact, I’m honored to be able to help.”


About the Author:

Allen Tiffany, writer, marketer, marketing, novelist
Allen Tiffany

Allen Tiffany is a retired Army Infantry Officer and has graduated from the Army’s Airborne and Ranger schools and the Command and General Staff College. He earned his graduate degree in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas and has published a number of professional articles, a short story, and he has been a newspaper columnist. He has also been a fiction editor for a campus literature magazine. Allen was born in Kansas and has lived in Georgia, California, Texas and Singapore. He has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. When not working in the high-tech industry, Allen spends his time with his wife and four daughters or writing. He also enjoys long distance biking.

About the Book:

Vietnam war novel, vietnam war history

Year Published: 2015

Publisher: Amazon and CreateSpace


ISBN-10: 1511453451

ISBN-13: 978-1511453455


Author’s Phone Number: 281-682-3265

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Review Copies and Media Interviews:

For a review copy of Youth In Asia or to schedule an interview with Allen, please contact him at 281-682-3265. Additional information on Allen can be found at:


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Press Release: New Vietnam War Novel
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Press Release: New Vietnam War Novel
A new Vietnam War novel that has made it into the top 10 of five of Amazon's bestseller lists. "I rank it with 'Better Times than These', 'The 13thy Valley' and 'Sand in the Wind' as some of the best fiction to come out of the war."-- James W. Durney
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